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In his order to Philadelphia architect Joseph Rakestraw, Washington specified that the weathervane should Rakestraw constructed the weathervane from copper with an iron frame and lead head.

Unfortunately, because of the increased air pollution around the Washington, D. area, the original dove of peace had to be permanently removed in 1993.

You can see the original rusticated siding and its sand paint which has been protected for over 230 years, as well as evidence for second-floor doors that led to porches on top of the one-story “closets” that were removed in the 1770s.

The piazza roof covers part of the original shingles on the east slope of the 1770s roof.

Tree-ring dating of the Mansion has proven that a house built by Augustine in 1734 forms the nucleus of the current house.

George Washington begins an expansion of Mount Vernon as part of his climb through Virginia society.

At 11,028 square feet with two and a half stories and a full cellar, the Mansion dwarfed the majority of dwelling houses in late 18th-century Virginia.

Most Virginians lived in one- or two-room houses ranging in size from roughly 200 to 1200 square feet; most of these houses could have fit inside the 24x31 foot New Room.

But in truth, the door and cupola do not align, nor are the windows symmetrically placed.The south and north additions to the Mansion were built right up against the outside of the 1758 house.The 1758 siding was not removed and it is still visible in some of the hard-to-reach crawlspaces of the house.George Washington’s father, Augustine Washington, built a modest one and a half story house there in 1734.Washington’s elder half-brother Lawrence lived at the property from 1741 until his death in 1752.

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